Saturday, August 27, 2011

The moments that shape our lives

Its amazing how we carelessly move along the road of this thing called life.  As we make each decision we live in it, so engulfed in the moment that we don't realize how it can change our lives forever.  I can list at least 3 moments in my 29 years of life, that had such a large impact in my life that they shaped who I am, where I am and what I am today.

1.  The day my Mother chose to let go of me and continue her life without me.  Without this momentous decision she made my life would be signifigantly altered.  Jason pointed out to me a couple of months ago

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Nostalgia of Fireflies

I was reminiscing earlier and had forgotten how much fun I had as a child chasing fireflies in a big field, trying to catch them with a mason jar!  This reminded me how rarely I see fireflies these days, we don't live in the country country but we aren't in downtown either..........Wishing my kids could make the same firefly memories that I have but I'm not sure what is happening to the fireflies.  When I do see them I see one not a whole field of them like I used to!

Wish there was a firefly park to go play in at night!

Embracing Change

"For each gust of wind can often bring together a strange stirring of joy and suffering, pleasure and pain, gain and loss. Many disguised and hidden from our view, from our full awareness."

~Michael Lewin 

A Wee bit of Relaxation Goes a Long Way

So excited about getting my 6 year old back to school in a couple of weeks.  The summer schedule is so irregular and more tedious, however we had a good summer and it sure has flown by!

Before school let out I was stressing about keeping Tyler occupied so he wouldnt drive me bonkers....but it has really worked out.....a couple of weeks of daytime summer camp followed by a trip to Branson just to get away for a little while.....Grandma comes over and takes Tyler for a night atleast once a week, swim lessons everyday for 2 weeks and next week starts his final week of camp! YAY! One week left after camp to get ready for school, although all the supplies are bought and so are the school clothes! Only thing left is socks and shoes! I found some really cool stride rite darth vader shoes that Tyler will love! The eyes light up red and the toes are the mouth of darth vader! Less than $40 good deal!!!

Reading has helped this summer as well, he was in the reading club with the library and is up to about 32 books however there is a huge stack left that needs to be read and returned to the library!

We went to Branson the week of 4th of July and spent the 4th with my husbands Aunt who lives in Arkansas.  It was the best 4th ever! Where we live fireworks are very regulated and we rely heavily upon sitting in a park watching the fireworks that the city lights.....this year however we went to a real fireworks stand and bought a bag of them! Tyler had a blast lighting them and running backwards before they exploded! I remember doing this as a kid, we never had fireworks "shows" just us lighting our own and shrieking in delight at the sparklers.......Either I had kid goggles on when I was little or the quality of sparklers has gone down hill, the ones we got didnt last long and didnt sparkle as much as I remember!  We all had a blast though! Many memories made!
We stopped by to visit Gracies cousin Mark on the way to Arkansas.  Had to get a pic of them in their little fourth of July outfits!

Not much left to mention but the fact that it is HOT! 100+ temps.....not sure the exact temp but I do know that its better to just stay in the AC where its nice and cool! The ground is cracking due to the the lack of rain, Im afraid it may just crack open and swallow us whole soon! School is coming, Grandmas got one kiddo today, Gracie is becoming queen of screaming temper tantrums and the floor needs to be mopped!